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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is Writing Real Work?

A while ago, when I was negotiating renting a room in a house one of my acquaintances had purchased, I almost did not get it.  In his words: "I don't mean to be an ass, but I know you are sick, unemployed, and I am worried that you won't be able to pay your rent."  While that explains why I call him an acquaintance instead of a friend, I am going elsewhere with this.  My answer was: "I make money by writing online and as long as I have Internet, I can generate an income.  Besides, there are no guarantees in life." 

Little does he know that I am sometimes also concerned that my health will deteriorate to the point I won't be able to write enough, but as I said: There are no guarantees in life.  I don't qualify for disability yet as there is no diagnosis, but that is another blog as well.

He said that was not work.  After some convincing arguments from his girl friend, who I am also friendly with to a certain degree; he agreed to let me move in.  Said girl friend, which also lives here, has similar health problems to mine. He continually pressures her to find work - although she was in this same situation when he started dating her.  She has a professional work back ground and is smart, so I set her up with some writing opportunities as well as some ways for her to sell her crafts, only for both of us to hear the endless mantra: "That is not a real job."

Unfortunately that has contributed to her not pursuing these opportunities, but I can be often seen in the kitchen typing away.  Lately he has made comments like: Oh are you still working, working again, am I disturbing your work, etc.  All of a sudden he is calling it work.  I wonder what changed his tune?


Conny said...

Anyone who doesn't call writing working has obviously never written anything other than a shopping list.
Nice picture by the way. Looking good.

Diane said...

What an ass! So long as you are able to pay him rent, what does he care how you earn your income?

Grace Alexander said...

I know. Because we work virtually, it doesn't seem real to other people! It can be infuriating.

In a few more years when I reach my goal income I think I'll start carrying my tax return around with me just so I can flash it at people who tell me I don't have a real job and go 'Oh yeah? do YOU make six figures, hotshot?'

One can dream...

Glorygarden@msn.com said...

Are you quite certain he's not being sarcastic when he calls it "work" now? Perhaps his gal-pal is bringing in some dough and it finally sunk into his thick skull. You can only laugh at people like that. Otherwise they'll make you cry! Don't allow it to happen! :-)

Tracy said...

What an ass! And do I ever feel you on the no diagnosis. Even though I finally have one, I'm not sure it's the right one - nor am I sure it will be useful if the medicine I'm on doesn't work, and I end up needing to file for disability. Scary stuff.

Conny said...

The six figure salary is that with or without the decimal point Grace? LOL