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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A to Z Challenge: Y is for Yule Coloring Books

Okay so I am reaching here, but I already did a post on yellow yesterday (xanthic), so Yule it is. Yule is an archaic term for Christmas, so I am using this opportunity to draw attention to a couple of my favorite Yule (Christmas)-themed coloring books.

My first book to fit this category was Santa's Furry Helpers by Kayomi Harai, and it remains my favorite. It's a must-have coloring book for cat lovers. If you love cats and kittens personified, this is for you.

My second was Color Me Christmas by Mary Engelbreit, a renowned illustrator of children's books. Her designs in this book are whimsical, but I found them just "grown-up" enough to enjoy.

The third is Santa's Cats by Jason Hamilton. Unlike the other two this is a self-published coloring book, but it's of good quality and the drawings are superb. Jason is an amazing artist and any cat lover will find herself smiling and nodding about the naughty (and cute) things the cats do to trees, presentc etc. in this book.

From Santa's Furry Helpers

From Color Me Christmas

From Santa's Cats


Glorygarden@msn.com said...

I the the one with the kitty hanging off the tree! LOL

Mail Adventures said...

Christmas illustrations, during the due time, can be very inspiring.
Eva - Mail Adventures