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Thursday, April 27, 2017

A to Z Challenge: W is for Watercolors

I have been asked if watercolors work in adult coloring books. The answer is yes and no. It depends on the quality of the pages. I have heard of people who copy pages from books onto special paper so they can work with watercolors, or they use images that artists provide for download and print those on the appropriate paper.

Personally, I don't print or copy pages, I just use the pages from an actual book because I find that printer ink smears, plus it's expensive. While I've never used watercolors on a design, I have used watercolor pencils. They are just like colored pencils, but you can activate them with water. There are different way of doing this. Mainly, you either dip a brush in water and go over the colored surface or you can dip the pencil tip in water as go color.

I colored the picture below using the latter method. The artist is Crystal Brashear.


Mail Adventures said...

I've never tried watercolour pencils, but I want to.
Eva - Mail Adventures

Conny said...

I've used both, watercolores and oil based pencils. I find that watercolors are cleaner than oil based pencils and don't leave an imprint on the opposite page. Then again, oil based pencils create deeper colors.