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Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Nazareth

N was a difficult choice. Nazareth came to mind right away, but I did not too know much about them. I prefer to write my music posts from the heart as opposed to doing research, but I figured I'd learn something in the process too. Lo and behold, when I started my research I found out they are touring this week, with none other than Uriah Heep, in Germany. Well, that settled it of course, I can never turn down a tie in to my favorite band or homeland. Plus, they are from Scotland and that country does not get enough credit for good music, in my opinion.

My first taste of Nazareth was on a compiled tape my brother made me, back in the day. I also have a couple of Nazareth CDs (Razamanaz, Loud 'n Proud, Hair of the Dog) packed away somewhere in storage, so I know they have some great music besides the two songs they seem to be known for: Their rendition of "Love Hurts" and "Alcatraz." Their first album was released in 1971, and the last in 2011, so they are another band that's been around for a long time, but people don't seem to know that. I know I did not, and I know a lot of stuff when it comes to music.

I am not going to re-hash their biography as I am trying to keep things brief and their story is anything but. It's very interesting and you should read it sometime. If you don't know them, I'll have to warn you about the raspy vocals: you'll either love them or hate them.

"Please Don't Judas Me" is my favorite Nazareth song, and may appeal to people who can only take them in small doses, because it's a slower song and the lyrics, while simple, are deep.

The second song I chose is "Alcatraz" as a reminder for people who may have forgotten it. Back in the day, when I did not know better, I thought it sounded like Black Sabbath.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Didn't know they'd been around that long either. My wife is still waiting for an American Idol contestant to brave singing Hair of the Dog on national TV.

Alexandra Heep said...

Haha, Alex, I am waiting for a brave A.I. contestant, period. Or for some Uriah Heep, but that's not going to happen.

Then again, there have been a couple good rockers, but main-stream America has no taste (imo) and votes them off.

Notes Along the Way with Mary Montague Sikes said...

Hi Alexandra,

Visiting from A to Z. I don't know much about music groups, but this one sounds good. Especially since it was around a very long time!

Good luck,

jp said...

Not related to Uriah are you? Personally 'Love Hurts' and 'Broken Down Angel' are my favs by Nazareth.

Alexandra Heep said...

Monti, thanks for stopping by, good luck to you as well and happy blogging.

JP, I chose my pen name because of Uriah Heep, the band. Good choices on your songs.