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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Antics of Princess Gracie Part I

Earlier today, as I was getting ready for the shower, my cat Gracie decided to join me in the bathroom. I was not sure if she wanted to be locked in there, so I turned the water on to see if that would scare her. She simply sat on the bathroom rug looking up at me with a content expression. So, I closed the door (I have room mates and it would not do to take a shower with the door open). I climbed in and did my thing.

Not sure how much later it was, but it could not have been ten minutes or so. As I turned the water off, I heard the most piteous howls and yowls. I opened the curtain and there she was, meowing loudly at me and greeting me like I had been gone for days. She climbed up on the edge of the bath tub and gave me a kitty kiss, then started rolling on the floor and purring.

Now, if you have ever been owned by a cat you also know how finicky they are with their attention. They dole out their affection like driblets, not like dogs who tend to be all over their owners all the time. Also, Gracie has ignored me and my room for days on time, spending her lazy days in the den, which belongs to the home owner, instead - who does not even like her very much. Little traitor! Or, perhaps she is trying to make him like her - after all, that is how she got to be my kitty. Sort of like a relationship, now that she has me ... Regardless, this time she did all the things that make you pet kitties and of course I could not cease until she stopped purring. Too bad I can't bottle that feeling up and sell it, I would be rich by now. As it is, this will have to do until she is ready for more. Cats!

1 comment:

Diane said...

Our fickle felines are a constant source of amazement and amusement. Sounds to me like Gracie knows exactly what she is doing! :-)