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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Crossing an Item off the Bucket List

Everyone who knows me knows that one of my biggest items on my bucket list was to see Uriah Heep perform live. You know this band is a big deal to me because I adopted part of their name as part of my pen name years ago.

Now, for most people going to a rock concert is not a hard task. Alas, for me it is. I have a bunch of health problems that not so long ago had me even unable to get out of bed. Also, Uriah Heep does not come to the USA that often, and when they did in the past, it was not anywhere near me. Traveling, at one time, was not a big deal for me, but everything changed when I became ill years ago. Walking, sitting, standing, flashing lights, loud noise ... it's all bad for me. So, going to a concert is not exactly the most comfortable thing for me to do.

Anyway, Uriah Heep is in the middle of a world tour and they made it to Bolingbrook, Illinois, and I decided I was going to make it work somehow to go see them. And so Tom and I did, on Saturday. The venue and circumstances were horrible, so I did not get to see the whole show (had I not had to suffer through the bad opening band, I could have made it, but we had to go early enough to get a seat). I do feel bad a bit for Tom because I cut the experience short for us, but at least for him it was not the first time seeing them (this was his fifth time, but this is a new lineup).

Same circumstances account for us not having any good pictures or video, but I'll never forget this experience anyway. I did find a couple of videos from that show on YouTube, so if you are curious, check out the links.

The first one is "Easy Livin'" for the casual listener who has never heard of the band (probably most of you). The video is over four minutes, but the actual music portion of it is done within the first three minutes.The second link is for the die-hard fan - over 12 minutes of the Magician's Birthday.

Enjoy, no matter what your preference is.


Mike W said...

Hey Alex. So glad you finally got to go see them play. We've missed you on Facebook and hope you're doing okay.


Glorygarden@msn.com said...

what an awesome thing for you! I know how much you love your Uriah Heep!