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Monday, December 22, 2014

How to Enjoy Christmas by Yourself

If you find yourself alone on December 24 and 25 and dreading people's question "what did you do for Christmas" that is bound to follow in the days after, you are not alone. With expectations at an all-time high during the holiday season, how can you enjoy Christmas by yourself?

Cook Dinner

Even if you live by yourself and do not have family members or friends coming over for dinner, there is no reason why you can't cook and bake. The meal does not have to be traditional if you don't enjoy those foods or they do not fit the budget. Preparing a nice festive meal can take up a lot of time. That means less dwelling on negative things. Another benefit of preparing a Christmas meal is that it generates plenty of tasty leftovers for the days to come.

Go out to a Restaurant

If cooking is too challenging health wise or unfeasible for other reasons, go out to dinner. Yes, some places will be open, especially ethnic dining establishments. Simply search online and call ahead to find one that is open for business.

Don't just roll out of bed and go. Make this an event like going out on a date. Take a shower, spend extra time on hair, makeup (if applicable) and clothes. Why? This will take up time. If, as a single female, the thought of going out alone is uncomfortable, bring a book or magazine along.

Pamper a Pet

If you have a furry friend, make the day special for him or her. Buying treats, toys and accessories is fun and embodies the holiday spirit. Setting everything up and playing with a pet can pass the time. Depending on the type of pet, give it a bath and/or massage and plenty of cuddle time.

Adopt a Pet

If you do not have an animal companion and are in a situation to care for one, make it a goal to adopt. While shelters are closed for the holidays, spend Christmas researching them online and make plans for taking the steps to adopt after the holidays. Seeing the plight of homeless animals surely can put in perspective that our situation might not be so bad after all.


No, it's not too late. Churches and homeless shelters serve meals on Christmas and could always use a helping hand. Or, look to neighbors who might be lonely and offer them dinner. If they do not have any activity going on, chances are they have nothing going on either. Another way to help would be to shovel a neighbor's sidewalk and driveway, provided health allows and there is snow. Don't announce it, just do it as a lovely surprise.

True, we tend to shy away from what we consider meddling in other people's business. Often, we do not know names of those just a few feet away from us and shy away from making contact for fear of appearing nosy or exhibiting bad etiquette. On the other hand, society's trend of not being personable could be considered bad etiquette in itself. Who knows, breaking this chain at Christmas might lead to something wonderful.

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Conny said...

Good idea Alex, let's hope that some people follow up on them.