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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Everyone Has a Story

Recently, some friends of mine got on the subject of sharing stories about encounters with famous people. Who knew that many of us not only have run into them accidentally, attended the same schools, but even in some cases formed friendships of a sort? After contributing a tiny tidbit to the discussion, later on I started remembering some other instances. No, you do not have to stand back, I am not about to drop names but my mind was doing a lot of wandering – and wondering - after that discussion.

There used to be a TV show, I forgot the name of it, where a reporter would take a dart and throw it at the map of the USA. Then, he would take the phone book of that city or town and blindly pick a name and show up at that address. The point of the show was that everyone has a story and everyone they visited was put on TV with theirs. All of the families had interesting lives in my opinion, even more than fit into the one hour show. Now that was reality TV at its best! 

Unfortunately, my tastes must run against mainstream as the show did not last very long. I suppose people rather follow the Kardashians and Ice and Coco, although I have no idea who these people are, nor do I care to find out more. I watched enough to see that I can not relate to those people in their ivory towers surrounded by precious metals and plastic boobs. Other people must like this I guess because the shows aren’t just on once a day, but they have re-runs all through the days and weeks.

But, it also got me thinking: What if those people aren’t that far removed after all from us? Why would a gangster rapper have cameras follow him 24/7 and allow them to show him in lots of compromising situations that could hurt his tough guy image? What if, with all their money and power to get themselves out there, famous stars think people still do not get their stories straight and hence do these so-called reality shows?

Growing up, I always had this urge for someone to understand me, to read my story and hear my song. Now, as I am over the hill sliding down the other side without a grappling hook, I have discovered that I can do just that via the Internet. Anyone now can publish a blog and tell about himself or herself and since you are here, you know I am not shy about it.

But, what about those who do not have Internet, or those in underdeveloped countries, do they have a desire to be known? Why do we send famous people into starving countries to help – those suffering do not even know much beyond their own villages it seems, so do stars think these people give a rat’s behind about fame, when they know nothing beyond their own existence? Or, do they know more than I think they do? Do they somehow understand that with the arrival of these they get exposure and their story told?

As a writer, I have way more thoughts than I could ever put down in a lifetime, yet pour out what I can in my stories and blogs. How do people manage without this ability? Everyone has a story. What is yours?


Glorygarden@msn.com said...

Oh, you don't want to know my story. I'm just too boring. Why do you think I'm constantly writing far more interesting stories about much more fascinating people doing far better things than I ever get to do?

Alexandra Heep said...

Oh please. Your heritage, your travels ... how can that be boring?

Diane said...

Some thoughtful stuff here, Alex. Why is it that we all view ourselves as boring, yet other people often find us more interesting? You are so right in that we all have stories to tell, but sometimes we are too close in order to analyze the truths and the complexity of the experience.

Last night I had dinner with four women I used to work with about 18 years ago. We have, since that time, been meeting for dinner at least three times a year. We often reminisce old war stories from the days we worked together for a VERY difficult man. He used shun the spotlight, but now has become very high profile. Talk about stories to tell! Mr. B. is a certified eccentric who makes the Forbes Millionaire list at $700 million and the magazine featured him with a byline: "Cosmic Landlord." --"Real estate developer believes mankind's future is in outer space, and he's betting big on getting there." He has a huge aerospace complex here and has a rocket in orbit. He plans to be the first orbiting hotel in space. He's got $210M of his own invested with another $500M from investors. No, this isn't about being crazy, it's about having a gigantic vision (big ego doesn't hurt either) and turning it into reality. I was his Personal Executive Assistant for 3.5 years at the beginning of his space odessy. Boy, do I have some stories to tell! :-)

Alexandra Heep said...

Diane, I remember you telling me about him. It would be interesting if you could somehow write about that as well!

mandy said...

Alex.... interesting topic. well done on the post.

Glory, boring??? Yeah, s'pose so. hehehe... You silly girl! Far from it.

Diane... when you come across many people who make it to their dream, you often wonder what it is that motivated them to move on despite conventional norms. I too worked for one of the billionaires; the richest man in Asia. You look at these people and wonder 'man, where do they get their dreams from? If I only had their drive.' Some of these people, whether they intend for it or not, make you just stop right where you are and look at them. Magnetic characters.

Conny said...

I've had encounters with quite a few famous people, but most of the time I didn't even know it. Those I met looked very plain, just like everybody else. It was only when someone told me about them that the penny dropped.

Olivia said...

Alex...Love this blog.Interesting way to awaken the story in everyone. "Everyone" is interesting in their own way.Even Glory who thinks her story is boring..NO WAY GLORY !

Don Hancock said...

Thanks, Alex, for letting us know about your blog and this opportunity to tell our story. I wrote part of mine on Helium but it is too long for your blog. It is about the fact that I had six fathers as I grew up (one after the other, of course,)and each of them blessed my life and my life was enriched rather than traumatized by the unusual environment.

Alexandra Heep said...

Wow, I appreciate all the comments.

Mandy, your blogging has inspired me to get back to mine and keep up.

Conny, that has happened to me as well. I did find out they do prefer to be treated just like everyone else.

Olivia, if I can make people think that makes me happy.

Donald, I remember, I read it. It was very fascinating because I had not pictured that kind of background for you at all.

Thoughts of a Nobody said...

I agree, everyone has a story. Remembering this can help us when we're having difficulty with people we don't know very well. I too find reality shows about famous people to be boring. I think it's because their stories have been heard so many times they're just not interesting. Can you tell me what the name of that show you're speaking of was? Maybe I can find it on DVD or something.

Alexandra Heep said...

Elie, I can't even remember any key words of the show. I only started remembering the show when I was thinking of this blog. Perhaps in time it will come to me.